I’m Moussahoudou ISSA.

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design is my passion

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Hello there! With over five years of professional experience under my belt, I bring a diverse skill set to the table, encompassing graphic design, video editing, and WordPress development. As a seasoned graphic designer, I’ve crafted countless visually compelling elements that leave a lasting impact. My proficiency extends to video editing, where I intricately weave narratives to captivate audiences. Additionally, my expertise in WordPress development allows me to create seamless and dynamic websites tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. I’m passionate about leveraging my skills to bring creative visions to life and deliver exceptional results.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced UI

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I’m committed to staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in graphic design, video editing, and WordPress development to ensure that my work remains innovative and effective.

Work Experience.

With over five years of hands-on experience, I’ve honed my craft in graphic design, video editing, and WordPress development, delivering exceptional results across diverse projects and client needs.


My journey in graphic design, video editing, and WordPress development has been self-directed, driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to mastering my craft through self-education and hands-on experience.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


graphic design

My expertise in graphic design is evidenced by my ability to craft visually captivating elements that effectively convey messages and captivate audiences.


Video editing

My skill in video editing shines through meticulous attention to detail, seamlessly weaving together narratives that resonate with viewers and amplify the impact of multimedia content.


web development

I excel in creating seamless and user-friendly websites by leveraging my expertise in customizing themes, optimizing performance, and integrating essential plugins to meet diverse client needs.

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Check out what I do in my spare time – from exploring photography to experimenting with new recipes, I’m always seeking inspiration and embracing new adventures.


Behind the lens, I discover beauty in the ordinary, capturing fleeting moments that tell compelling stories through the art of photography.


Tuning in to melodies, I find solace and inspiration, letting the rhythms of music guide me as I unwind and seek creative inspiration in its harmonies.

Video Games.

Immersed in virtual worlds, I embark on epic adventures, mastering strategies and unraveling mysteries, all while connecting with fellow gamers across the globe.


From the thrill of the game to the camaraderie on the field, sports fuel my passion for competition and drive me to push beyond limits, embracing challenges with every stride.